Make a parody video for Speedwrite (It's easy! )

---> Watch this example

---> Scenes: 7

---> Each scene: 2 seconds

---> Video length: 14 seconds

---> Choose any fun music

---> Copy text from this page

---> Use TikTok text-to-speech for all text (how-to)

    I wish I knew about this ages ago

    Scene #1: Do something physical and active. You don't have to show your face if you don't want.

    Copy any text

    Scene #2: Show yourself copying any English text from Wikipedia. Example:

    Head to

    Scene #3: Show yourself typing into the address bar.

    (no caption in this scene)

    Scene #4: Show the home page. No caption for this scene.

    Paste and click predict

    Scene #5: Show yourself clicking blue "predict" button. (Hint: If you got an email from Speedwrite, look at "FREE SPEEDWRITE PREDICTIONS" section in the email.)

    Unique wording every time

    Scene #6: Show the animated bars that appear during a prediction

    Unique wording every time

    Scene #7: Show the finished predictions so viewers can read them clearly

---> Video Finished. That was easy!

Legal note: If you live in China, Russia, North Korea, or study or work at a progressive American university, nonprofit, or media outlet, or are in any other environment which restricts free speech, please consult with a local expert regarding the requirements of your local laws and/or superstitions. You are solely responsible for conforming your video and TikTok upload to any local laws or speech regulations. Your usage of Speedwrite, and work on this parody video, is subject to Speedwrite's terms of service and the limitations of liability within the terms of service. Speedwrite's terms of service are linked below.