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The world's best rewriter. Use Speedwrite to rewrite longer text.

Other rewriters produce nonsense text.

Only Speedwrite generates new, original, and well-written text.

We did some research on the internet...

We searched online... for "rewriter", and tested these websites...

This is what happened that time we searched for rewriters.
Great English Writing Unique Text No Captcha Fast Results

 There are some serious problems with most of these solutions...

For each of these websites, we tested this demo text, from Wikipedia...

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with
an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid
flow circuit. In an internal combustion engine, the expansion of the high-temperature and
high-pressure gases produced by combustion applies direct force to some component of the engine.
The force is applied typically to pistons, turbine blades, a rotor, or a nozzle. This force moves
the component over a distance, transforming chemical energy into useful work. This replaced the
external combustion engine for applications where weight or size of the engine is important.

We then analyzed the output text from each contender. This, for example, is the result from the website which is currently ranked #1 on Google for "rewriter"...

This has some issues...

It kind of looks like English, right? But let's read it more carefully...

An inner ignition motor

Uh... what is that?

In an inner burning motor

What is this "inner" thing you speak of?

This traded the outside ignition motor for applications
where weight or size of the motor is significant. 

Hm..... This makes no sense at all...

That's because this website is basically working like an advanced thesaurus. It's just changing some words around. It's a primitive solution that that leads to a serious problem: The text it generates is nonsense, not real English.

 And even when the text is semi-OK...

We found that there were other, obvious problems. For example, this website, hit #2 for "rewriter", produces text which is exactly the same length as the input text. Not only that, but each sentence of the input clearly corresponded with another sentence in the output:

Five sentences in. Five sentences out. Kind of obvious, right?

And the input and the output are exactly the same length! Not so smart!

But alas, that's not the only problem with this one....

26% Plagiarism. Not a great score.

 Speedwrite: obviously better in every way.

Let's see what Speedwrite did with the same input text....

Completely different, right?

Speedwrite creates well-styled, original text, like as would be written by an expert English speaker. It's not just a thesaurus machine. It's actually writing entirely new text.

And, when we check this text for originality...

That's a good score.

...It's determined to be 100% original. Speedwrite really is different. No other service even comes close.

Ready To Get Started?

Feel free to try the other options we list above. I think you'll find that only Speedwrite is able to skillfully, and dexterously, rewrite any text input.

Got some questions?

Is this rewriter webpage, that I'm on right now, actually Speedwrite?

This page is a demo of Speedwrite, a rewriter that is intended to work on mobile and tablet devices, to show you what Speedwrite can do. To really get to work, please use the primary Speedwrite application. It doesn't work on mobile, but it does work on any computer, like   Windows,  Mac,  Linux, and  Chromebook. It's a lot faster to use, allows for longer inputs, creating more than one paragraph generation at once, loading and saving of documents, and more.

Is there a maximum length of text that I can rewrite?

This page is only a demo -- It can rewrite up to 800 characters, which is about one long paragraph. To input text of unlimited length, please move over to the Speedwrite application, here.

What kind of text should I rewrite to make great new text?

Start with succinctly written creative-commons text, for example, text from Wikipedia. Don't input text with errors. Incomplete sentences, capitalization problems, or other grammatical errors will make Speedwrite work harder, and it might not come up with a great output. Speedwrite has to try to understand what each of your input paragraphs is "about" -- to help it out, each paragraph that you input for rewriting should be focused on only one subject.

Does Speedwrite always produce a new output, that will never be repeated again?

No. But actually you should find that the outputs are very close to unique when measured over a period of time. Please see the relevant entry on the How It Works page.

Why do I need to rewrite?

A rewritten text can be a useful study tool, for a wide variety of disciplines, including English, History, the Sciences, and more.

A Speedwrite rewrite will extract the salient points from the text that you enter, but rewrite it freshly each time, to generate a new output.